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Preferred to be called as BRG(Budh Ram Gurung).
A Gorkha | an Educator | Trainer | Social Entrepreneur
Consider myself as FOSS PAA (FOSS Project Architect & Advocate).

I have gained most of my knowledge through self learning... Know More
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Are you practicing HADDA?
Are you practicing HADDA?
BRG 03 September 2019 ( ~ 1 min read )

Whenever I am in the wilderness of my own personal space, I usually give a thought on how I as a human being survived so far in this brutal world.... Read more

What the heck in Volunteering - a journey from Someone to Organizer

In this Era, where we are surrounded by business-minded people, majorly, nothing is Free. Even, Volunteering is Not Free in this Era. Referring to the definition of Wikipedia, Volunteering is... Read more

Change in role for social work
Change in role for social work
BRG 01 May 2019 ( ~ 4 min s read )

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller How true are the above words of popular American Author Helen Keller! In the similar lines,... Read more

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A non-profit organisation which focuses on creating opportunities & conducting events to promote Open Source contributions in India.
Organizing conferences like RubyConfIndia, GopherConIndia, DevOpsDays India etc.

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