Cool BRG
Preferred to be called as BRG(Budh Ram Gurung).
A Gorkha | an Educator | Trainer | Social Entrepreneur
Consider myself as FOSS PAA (FOSS Project Architect & Advocate).

I have gained most of my knowledge through self learning... Know More


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Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal
Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal
28 September 2019 ( ~ 4 min s read )

Image: Event Hall “Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal? - A step towards creating more technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs in Nepal” was the one-day event focussing on networking and awareness around entrepreneurship... Read more

Are you practicing HADDA?
Are you practicing HADDA?
03 September 2019 ( ~ 1 min read )

Whenever I am in the wilderness of my own personal space, I usually give a thought on how I as a human being survived so far in this brutal world.... Read more

What the heck in Volunteering - a journey from Someone to Organizer

In this Era, where we are surrounded by business-minded people, majorly, nothing is Free. Even, Volunteering is Not Free in this Era. Referring to the definition of Wikipedia, Volunteering is... Read more


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A non-profit organisation which focuses on creating opportunities & conducting events to promote Open Source contributions in India.
Organizing conferences like RubyConfIndia, GopherConIndia, DevOpsDays India etc.

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