Brief Intro

I would preferred to be called as BRG although my full name is Budh Ram Gurung.
I am a Gorkha, and consider myself as FOSSPAA (FOSS Project Architect & Advocate). I have gained most of my knowledge through self learning, also termed as Self-motivated.

I believe in Learn-Teach Cycle principle and hence started my own Academy named GbrG Academy. Feel free to read its inception story here.

Current Roles

Founder & Director

GbrG Academy is or will be going to spread Education which has been acquired completely out of real world experiences apart from the Bookish knowledge. The approach of teaching will be based mostly around Cognitive Learning and Feedback Driven Learning.

Website Maintainer

ETT India is a non-profit organisation which focuses on creating opportunities & conducting events to promote Open Source contributions in India. They are organizing the national-level conferences like RubyConf India, Gophercon India, DevOpsDays India etc.


  • GbrG Academy Feb 1, 2019 - Present
    Founder & Director
  • Averon Media Dec 10, 2018 - April 30, 2019
    Director & CTO
  • Red Hat Feb 8, 2016 - Dec 5, 2018
    Sr Software Engineer
  • Vertis Microsystems Aug 16, 2011 - Jan 29, 2016
    Intern, Full Stack Engineer